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Our Mission Statement

Every action we take at Henley Pre-school has your child's wellbeing, happiness and development at its heart.


Explore our mission statement below.


H is for...

A happy, creative and secure environment.

White board drawing.jpeg

E is for...

Enabling all children to develop their capabilities as successful learners and confident individuals.


N is for...

Nurturing relationships with staff and children and providing strong relationships to work together with parents and carers. Celebrating inclusion and diversity.


L is for...

Learning through play and exploration with qualified staff that extend their learning further.


E is for...

Engaging opportunities for the best quality of learning, being valued and listened to, reflecting in making the right choices and being kind to others.


Y is for...

Young children thriving in our small, rural pre-school where everyone is welcoming, friendly, respectful and supportive in a place where we can learn and grow together.

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