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Henley Pre-school – A look into our autumn term!

We’re firmly into the autumn months now, and we’ve been having lots of fun engaging the children with some exciting seasonal activities for this term.

We’ve had some brilliant discussions about autumn and how the seasons are changing to boost children’s awareness of the world around them. This included looking at the changing colours we can see outside and the leaves falling from the trees. We’re encouraging the children to notice these small changes and think about what they mean. We’ve also be discussing hibernation and why some animals hibernate for the winter.

Autumn activities

Autumn is always a great month for hands-on fun learning activities – especially with Halloween. Of course, it wouldn’t be October without some pumpkin carving, and our children got to unleash their creativity and decorate some pumpkins this term. A great activity to help them develop their fine motor skills too.

Crafting fun

We have been busy looking at textures when making our autumnal scene. The children are encouraged to explore with their hands and share what they can feel, helping to develop their vocabulary and promoting idea-sharing with their peers. More squelchy fun was had with spiders in jelly and spiders in rice, with children supported to think about what they could feel.

This term’s crafting activities have made the most of what mother nature has offered. We’ve collected beautiful autumn leaves and children have been able to create their very own masterpieces. The children also had lots of fun finding all things autumn whilst out and about with their families. They brought in their autumnal treasurers to share with their friends. We had a wonderful collection of conkers, acorns, and a huge variety of leaves to spark imagination and conversation. We had leaves that were big, small, smooth, spiky, brown, orange, and green.

We’ve had some amazing weather at the start of our autumn term, and always encourage the children to explore the outdoors space in all weathers. With wet clothes and wellies, we’re sure to have some rainy-day activities and lots of puddle jumping soon!


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